Zina Johnson
    This chamber interfaces with the Administrator and the Pastor in planning the administration, organization and business operations of the congregation. This incorporates the Security Team, FDC, Helping Hands Ministry, Intercessors, and Church Finance.
    L. Patrice Childress
    This gathering disperses the Word of God using the most astounding innovation accessible keeping up regulatory, specialized, monetary and profound respectability with greatness. This is done through Audio, and Video taping, our Newsletter and Intensive Media Relations, by means of Radio, Television and Newsprint.
    John Payton
    This councils primary goal is to express to God the esteem which His people hold for Him. This is accomplished through song, Musicians, and the Praise & Worship Team.
    Barbara Thomas
    The CEC advances learning among God's kin and a submissive reaction to His Word. Classes tending to each issue of life are given to enlighten the body including Life Skills for Men and Women, Financial Planning, Leadership, Foundational Biblical Training for Children, Youth and Adults.
    James Pittman
    This council touches the world at large with the Good News of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. Included in this council is the Prison Ministry, Treasures Within (AIDS support), Springs of Living Waters (addictions free ministry), Evangelism, Compassion for Others (nursing homes), Restoration (member care), Transformation ministry (homosexuality) and the Community Prayer Team.
    Shelia Coleman
    This board through move, show, talked word, emulate and the visual expressions, tries to give a chance to people to develop as devotees, while masterfully conveying everything that needs to be conveyed and their adoration for God. Services include: All About Praise, Children and Youth, Fine Arts Workshops, Arise (Drama Ministry), Expressions (Mime Ministry), Praise 'n Motion, and Selah.
    Anitria Odum
    This council promotes the interpersonal caring and sharing of God's people one to another as an outgrowth of our fellowship with God. Other related ministries include the Nurses, Ushers, Laborers of Love, Heart & Soul, Hospitality, Seasoned Saints and Selected Special Events.
  • Evangelism Ministry
    The Evangelism Team is part of the Outreach Council of the church. The ministry provides tract distribution, street meetings, and door to door evangelism.
  • Heart & Soul Ministry
    Another outreach ministry of the church. This team ministers to individuals in area hospitals and convalescent homes, as well as the sick, shut-in, and bereaved.
  • Hospitality (Laborers of Love)
    This team extends a heart felt and loving welcome to friends and visitors. In addition, the Laborers of Love provide nourishment for our guests.
  • Transforming The Minds Of Men
    This ministry is designed to encourage men to become the spiritual and natural leaders for which God purposed and created them.
  • Music Ministry
    The music ministry is part of the Worship Council of the church and consists of musicians, choir, the praise and Worship team, and the dance, mime, and drama ministries.
  • Empowered & Progressive Singles for Christ
    The goal of the EPSC ministry team is to promote and maintain, serve and meet the needs of those who are happily unmarried and loving it and those who are yet still struggling with the idea of being single. Male, female ages 19-90 are the populations we wish to serve doing our best to meet the many diversified concerns of life.
  • Media Ministry
    This ministry is responsible for the audio and video systems. It also provides recorded copies of the preacher's word.
  • Women's Ministry
    The Women's Ministry is intended to advance partnership, self-awareness, and otherworldly upgrade among the ladies of confidence. Supplication breakfasts, classes, meetings, and workshops concerning ladies' issues are given through the Mother's trade Network. Sister-Sister Prayer and Praise, and Transforming the Minds of Women services and additionally Women's Bible Study.
  • Youth Ministry
    This ministry provides spiritual training and instruction to children and teens. Its purpose is to develop a relationship with Christ that will allow them to grow up to be mature Christians rooted and grounded in the Word. The Youth Ministry is divided into three groups: Creation Station (age 3-3rd grade) High Climbers (grades 4-8) TNC-Transformers Not Conformers (grades 9-12)
  • Prison Ministry
    A dedicated team that visits Philadelphia area prisons to minister to inmates by providing spiritual guidance, emotional support, and Bible study.
  • Freedom Development Corporation (FDC)
    Neighbors helping neighbors to help themselves-working towards the reclamation and recharging of our families, groups, and our city. FDC is devoted to the elevating surprisingly. At present, we serve the West Philadelphia people group, with an objective territory that incorporates Belmont, Mantua, and Mill Creek. FDC gives benefits through three noteworthy strands: outreach, group improvement, and training. These projects work as one to enable people and families to help themselves. Group Outreach-crisis sustenance bundles, the Not Just Soup Kitchen giving hot suppers, dependence directing and referrals, and nourishment benefit preparing. Group Development-protection and restoration of existing lodging stock and property, homeownership, vagrancy anticipation, and reasonable lodging. Training education and GED classes, a compulsion free care group, a vocation bank, an adolescent advancement club, and a business people arrange. FDC is a volunteer driven, openly bolstered, 501(c)(3) social administration organization.